Back to the well

Amazingly, it has been almost 6 months since I last wrote a blog post. There’s probably been a million things go through my mind that I’ve thought about blogging about, of which 0.1% would have been worth sharing, but it is still a bit of a disgrace that there’s been such a hiatus. Promise to make more of an effort in the weeks and months ahead – there’s a lot going on, which perversely makes blogging a much more legitimate use of limited time; it allows for processing thoughts and sharing in a more meaningful or deep way that a Facebook status update allows.

Since the last post in November, a few interesting things have happened:

  • My team took AffinityLive from a private beta to the public one; we’ve gone from a few dozen deployments (or end users) to many hundreds in the space of a few short weeks. Of course, our challenge now is to work out how to take the curious and turn them into clients who pay us money, but hey, at least we’re seeing people really responding to our message, promise and product 😉 If you’re interested in finding out a little more, check out and especially check out the product tour at to see what this thing is all about.
  • I’m starting the capital raising process for AffinityLive. While we’ve got sufficient funds to make payroll without any income (and we have income) for a couple of quarters, I’m actually looking to get plugged in, accountable and play on a global stage, and the more I think about it, the more I think that a key part of doing this is dealing in a hand. Since the days of Omnidrive I’ve been watching the scene and doing my thing, and I can’t help but think that a potential early-stage valuation bubble, combined with our desire to scale up to a global audience (which requires more headcount and payroll burn than we have now) will benefit from raising some money. That and I’m in a position to be flexible with where I live and what I do in a way that wasn’t really possible 6 months ago, because…
  • As a first-time Angel investor and mentor, I was stoked to see the development and success of the StartMate companies. Particularly big shout-out to Niki for putting it all together, and the Grabble boys from Wollongong who are trying to do something very big, very audacious and which might just change the (retail) world.
  • On a personal note, there’s been some changes on the home front, and for the first time in about 4 years I’m single again; painful, sad, but for the better I guess. While it wasn’t planned this way, still having Charlie Horse-Dog at home is great, and I’ve met some great new friends from all over the world via Couchsurfing and AirBNB here at Bungalow13.
  • I’ve managed to lose about 16KG. Still have a ways to go, but feeling much better for making the effort to not die young. Jessica Irvine nails it here – having CardioTrainer and an Android device has made all the difference. Am really only half way to where I want to be, but things are tracking well and I’m looking forward to not only going for a ride tomorrow, but also doing my first triathlon; perhaps in the North American summer instead of waiting for October to roll around here down-under.

Anyway, hope to be back here a bit more regularly in the future 😉


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