the maiden post

welcome to the maiden post of my blog. this blog has been a while coming, and this first post comes to you from the heart of the blogging revolution, the crunchhouse in silicon valley. my business partner on omnidrive – a seminal web 2.0 startup – has just been named one of australia’s top bloggers. and one of my friends in the usa and occassional housemate, gabe rivera, is the brains behind one of the best bits of glue tying the whole blogging thing together, memeorandum.
i’m going to attempt to make the content in this blog global, from an australian perspective. what the hell does that mean? basically, i’m going to take an international perspective to discussing things that are in my field of concern (and possibly inflence) yet try and retain an australian character and a closer concern for the australian consequences of things that interest me than i the consequences they have on outer mongolia.

so, at the end of this first post, with nothing more than an introduction to claim, i’d like to finish with a welcome, and the hope that you enjoy the show. of course, comments are welcome at all times, and you can catch me via email at – just remember to confirm your message by replying to the challenge if it is the first time you’ve got in touch.

1 thought on “the maiden post

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