Some light shines inside the Evil Fruit: now appears to be lying and rotten

News broke over the weekend (Australian time) covering the formal responses to the FCC’s questions of Apple, AT&T and Google regarding the recent Google Voice debacle.

Michael Arrington has written a really good piece on the responses of Apple, and he makes a compelling case that Apple are lying.

While shining some light on the Evil Fruit and showing up how pathetic and biased many of the Apple apologists and Fan Bois really are is great to see, I’m concerned that there isn’t enough attention being paid to the real issue here: that Apple’s App Store shouldn’t be the only place you can legally install applications from.

Lets hope that the FCC and digerati focus on this issue when Apple back-flips and is forced to allow the Google Voice Application into the iTunes store. Allowing Apple to retain and control this walled garden is bad for consumers, bad for the industry and ecosystem, and shows Apple to be a much bigger threat to competition – particularly if they use the iPhone model for their tablet play – than Microsoft has ever been.