Inside Sales Idiot Nominee: Emma(?) from Silicon IT Hub PVT LTD

A quick one from another set of off-shore outsourcing bottom feeders. While any LinkedIn user knows that these are pretty much the only messages being sent on the platform these days, this one was too funny not to share.

Highlights include:

  1. Emma spelling her own name wrong. Probably a tell that this isn’t really Emma.
  2. Unnecessary use of the PVT LTD descriptor of an Indian registered company – don’t these people realize this has become a red-flag in business solicitation?
  3. LOUD NOISES and other Caps In Strange Places.
  4. The best line I’ve read today: “implement this techno name of designs” (referencing Responsive Design, which they claim to have been one of the first to implement).

Enjoy the stupidity of Silicon IT Hub PVT LTD (nofollow applied).


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