Inside Sales Idiot Award – Jan 2015: Omri from

We’re only half way through January, but I’m going to be bold and make an early award for the Inside Sales Idiot Award for this month. The award goes to Omri from, who seem to do something deceptively magical around e-commerce.

Omri did a bit better than Joe last month – he got our company name right – but after that it was fail all the way. Aside from being way to damn long for a cold email, Omri had a *lot* of confidence that could really help us here at AffinityLive, if only I’d connect him to the person responsible for E-commerce sales – and then helpfully suggested it may well be our Director of Marketing.

This might well have been true, if we actually sold shit online through an online store. We don’t, and using ALL CAPS to call our your particularly bullshit claims and name-dropping Eric Schmidt doesn’t help: if you’re sending cold emails but can’t be bothers to spend the time even considering whether you’re wasting your recipient’s time because to do so would mean you actually spending some of yours first, you’ve told the recipient all they need to know – you’re a selfish, time-wasting arsehole who’s certain not to get that call you want.

Congratulations Omri – you win our Inside Sales Idiot of the month award.


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