Support our campaign to fix the Princes Hwy @ Heathcote

As you’re probably aware, the Minister for the Illawarra decided to screw over the people of the Illawarra earlier this week when he over-ruled advice from the RTA to put in a clearway at Heathcote.

NSW Labor used the cover of the Federal election campaign to make their cowardly announcement, and they’re hoping the thousands of us who suffer a day will just silently put up with it and that the issue will drop off the radar.

We don’t want to let that happen.

To keep the issue up there, we’d like to hire one of those yellow electronic signs, and put it on the median strip for north-bound traffic to read, ¬†reminding people that Labor has screwed Illawarra motorists over.

We’ll ask people to call McLeay and tell him what they think while they’re waiting in traffic. We’ll also try and get some newspaper coverage of the campaign, and the plan is to make this Facebook group the focus.

Unfortunately, hiring these signs costs money. About $650/week. To make it happen we need your support. If you care about this issue, please reply and let us know if you’re able to pledge $20 or $30 bucks to the cause.

While it is unlikely we’ll get a backflip (on a backflip on a backflip) from McLeay on this, we need Barry O’Farell to make an announcement that they support turning this side-street back into a Highway (70kph, clearway) before they get elected. Actions like this sign board and lobbying are all necessary to make this an issue – so, to make a change, we need your support.

6 thoughts on “Support our campaign to fix the Princes Hwy @ Heathcote

  1. I fully support your actions in demanding a clearway 24/7 and restoral of the safe and sensible 70 km/h speed limit on the Princes Hwy at Hweathcote.
    It is a disgrace that a handful of selfish shopkeepers have disrupted thousands of people’s daily lives simply so their lazy customers do not park safely in a side street and walk to the shop.
    Even more of a disgrace is that Labor politicians have ignored the RTA advice and the benefit to the community of restoring the 70 km/h speed limit and having a clearway 24/7.
    Thank you for all that you are doing towards this cause.

    • Thanks for your support Allan. I’ll be emailing the Facebook group in the lead up to the 2011 state election: we will need everyone’s help to bring some common sense to this.

  2. Dear Geoff
    After reviewing your rather flamboyant and egotistical website I find the amount of energy you are using to justify a clearway to improve traffic flow in this area to be somewhat misplaced. I have driven too and from Sydney to Bulli for the last twenty odd years. You should be putting your energies into lobbying for a predestrian over or underpass. This would fix the problem as the lights at Oliver St. are the problem. eg No snarls at Engadine due to the underpass, cars are parked there with no congestion. Then everone, including the “noisey minority” would be behind you 100%. The speed then could be safely increased to 70kph. Funny how the traffic lightens up after the lights, right where you want the clearway, in other words the clearway will have bugger all impact on the traffic flow. I have driven back from Newcastle on a Sunday afternoon heading south many times and there is no traffic on the other side of the road whatsoever until you get to the Oliver St lights and then I drive past hundreds of motorists sitting there waiting for those bloody lights, a clearway for a few hundred metres would not do a thing. So start lobbying for a real solution and I and all the other noisey minorities will get right behind you and then everyone will have a great outcome.
    Regards John

  3. Not a problem Geoff I will email a copy to Mr McLeay and follow it up as I am as keen as everyone else to get an effective solution to this major pain. It is people such as yourself that help to get things done by being active at lobbying, keep up the good work.
    regards John

  4. Thanks John. The main thing I’m trying to do is to stimulate some engagement and activity from the silent majority – to make them less silent, because unfortunately, the current leadership and vision devoid political process heavily discounts the interests of anyone who remains silent.

    As you’ve identified, the style here is designed to be both flamboyant (to stimulate some engagement and a response an apathetic majority – a response to action) and unashamedly 1st person (which you can read as egotistical, but all I’m doing is following a well proven convention with blogs that they represent an opinion). On our Facebook group the style is quite different – everyone has their 2 cents, and it is more of a debate. Anyway, feel free to join the group, and looking forward to hearing how you go with McLeay.

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