Minister McLeay screws his Illawarra constituents

Media Release: Minister McLeay announces he's screwed Illawarra motorists

A week or so ago I wrote a letter to Paul McLeay, Minister for the Illawarra and Member for Heathcote, expressing concern that the proposal to implement a clearway at Heathcote was being derailed by a very noisy and small minority of people who would rather the 4th biggest road into Australia’s biggest city treated like a suburban side street.

With an unjustified knee-jerk reaction slowing the speed of this major road to 50kph, the RTA had advised the only way to try and alleviate the critical traffic snarls at Heathcote during peak periods was to implement a Clearway.

Given how common sense this is for a road along one of Australia’s busiest commuter corridors, with around 40,000 vehicles a day using it, the only surprise should be that it wasn’t done sooner.

Unfortunately, after an outcry from a very noisy minority, the Minister for the Illawarra, Paul McLeay, along with the Minister for Roads, David Borger, have demonstrated a complete lack of leadership and have decided against the advice of the RTA not to implement a clearway at Heathcote.

Their spineless and hollow excuse is attached in a media release.

Remember, this is a major highway.

People who want to use these shops can park on side streets or around the back.

These are shops that wouldn’t exist it if wasn’t for the highway.

And yet in response to some media pressure from Alan Jones, the Minister for the Illawarra has chosen to completely screw the tens of thousands of his constituents who use the road each day – costing each of them 80 hours a year of lost time with their families while they sit in their cars wasting fuel and polluting the environment – to show favouritism to a dozen or so unreasonable whingers.

If you want to make your voice heard and call this “Minister” out for his disgraceful and spineless action, send him an email telling him just what you think of his lack of leadership and betrayal of the people he is supposed to represent.

Of course, with an election only 9 months off, you’ll get to tell the Minister what you think of his performance at the ballot box.

It will be important, however, to make sure the alternative government know how you feel; the noisy minority at Heathcote have already been in their ear and we don’t want them to misunderstand the importance of this issue to the people of the Illawarra. To make sure they realise that the current Government has it completely wrong, send an email telling the Shadow Minister for Road, Andrew Stoner and Shadow Minister for the Illawarra, Greg Pierce what you think of the current government’s arrangements at Heathcote.

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