Avoiding Heathcote Speed Trap & Traffic

Given the NSW’s Government’s betrayal of Illawarra residents and their decision to make the Highway through Heathcote more like a back street, it only seems fair that us poor suffering motorists should treat the back streets of Heathcote like a highway. Here’s a map of just how to do that.

The map below details how by turning off at the start of the industrial park, you can drive along 50Kph back streets and avoid some of the traffic snarls that are commonplace during peak hour. While these streets are still slow and narrow, at least you’ll be sharing some of your suffering with the noisy locals who’ve forced this upon us all.

5 thoughts on “Avoiding Heathcote Speed Trap & Traffic

  1. If you want to be taken seriously by other than yourself perhaps you could contemplate the risks of your ‘dummy spit approach’ of encouraging significant volumes of traffic through residential streets at a time when local kids are on their way to school, the school your rat run takes everyone past (don’t forget the 40K limit). Maybe you could encourage the Wollongong types who are so aggrieved by the clearway knock back to desist from stopping and buying their papers, lottery tickets, coffees, rolls etc and parking in the very place they’re all complaining about. Could you could get ’em to go to Maccas and support the needy multinationals, do you think?

  2. I agree that the highway should be used to carry the traffic of a highway, and the back streets should be kept back streets. Unfortunately, a noisy minority have managed to turn the highway into a neighbourhood back street too. We should be all focusing on turning the Princes Hwy back into a highway by putting in a clearway and a 70kph speed limit – boycotting shops isn’t what this is about at all.

  3. Gee, you’re getting uncomfortably close to reasonable albeit with the usual hysteria about noisy minorities. This may come as surprise to you but Heathcote wasn’t built just to make life difficult for commuters. Neither was it built for a noisy minority. It’s actually home to a few thousand people who need the amenity the shops (and professional services) provide (not unlike your local suburb probably). I agree about the focus but you and your supporters do yourself no favours by the constant personalised and unjustified hyperbole about noisy minorities and lazy locals. Paradoxically, it overlooks the fact that the substantial majority who pull up in Heathcote in the mornings aren’t locals, they’re commuters from the south. Without getting too circular, most of the one’s doing the complaining are pretty much complaining about themselves, not the locals. A bit disingenuous of your good self to parlay that into a ‘boycott’ – it’s actually about recognising that us Heathcote types aren’t the only ones who appreciate the amenity of the shops. Far from promoting a solution your merely driving a deeper division. There’s quite a few of us who’d like the traffic mess sorted out too but we’re not convinced by a myopic, short term clearway solution that isn’t all that likely to work anyway. If you want to pressure the local MPs maybe it should be about the F6 extension which gives all of us a long term solution. You could even prod ’em about jobs for the ‘gong and save everyone the drive. You could even promote public transport.

    And the ‘give us back our highway’ sign? Might be more representative of the views if it said ‘give me back my highway so I can cruise it in comfort and the rest of you can whistle’.

  4. Sorry, I’ve read your comment 4 times, and I’m still not making any sense of it.

    I’ll make sure this comment makes it really simple: we just want the Highway to be treated like a Highway – clearway and 70kph. That’s it. It works everywhere else in Sydney, and it should be applied here. That is what “give us back our highway” is about: right now it has been taken away because it is being treated like a back-street, with the obvious problems that creates.

    As for the – surprisingly frequent – suggestions that efforts be focused instead on the F6 extension, this is just a distraction. Sure, we’d all love the F6 extension, but let’s solve the obvious current problem with its very inexpensive solution now, and work in the longer term on the multi-multi billion dollar capital project that is the F6 extension.

  5. I only read it once and I had no trouble following it. I guess claiming inability to make sense of it is another of dismissing arguments that don’t support your view.

    The suggestion that 70k clearway works everywhere else in Sydney may be a bit of a reach and a bit difficult to validate if the clearways I’ve been on are any sort of guide. Maybe you’re confusing it with our namesake in Nova Scotia.

    The real issue neither you or the other noisy minority, the few moved to write to the Mercury and The Leader, seem to want to engage in is the ‘winner – loser’ outcome your campaign generates with no obvious interest in a consensus solution. Frankly I don’t know where the middle ground is in all of this but I think it’s safe to say it’s going to be hard to find if the argument continues to be run on rhetoric and hyperbole.

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