Heathcote Farce


Shame on you, RTA and Paul McLeay. The fourth biggest road into our biggest city deserves better. Make it 70 and give us a clearway or lose your seat.

3 thoughts on “Heathcote Farce

  1. Good one Geoff,

    I’m all for the clearway too. They are apparently close to making a decision (again). We need to make sure this gets through by lobbying Paul Mcleay and David Borger:


    If we’re not careful it’s very possible that the noisy minority (Heathcote Newsagent plus IGA) will be successfull in their militant campaign to block it. Keep spreading the word!!!! Regards John

  2. Thanks! – great letter Geoff. As a resident of the Illawarra you could also try to get the Mercury on side. The latest details I have are:

    Nicole Hasham – Journalist
    Illawarra Mercury
    Phone (W) 02 4221 2226 | (M) 0421 565 668

    They have run one article for us in December 09, but we really need a local reader/commuter pushing for it to become a bigger story (and there are thousands of you!)


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