Nexus One dropping back to 2G on Optus

I’m looking at moving my company’s mobile phone services over to Telstra, and I wanted to do some checking of whether my new Nexus One (gift from GoogleIO 2010) was going to work on the NextG network. While some of the frequencies (2100MHz) overlap, my Nexus One uses the 900MHz frequency, whereas Telstra NextG uses the 850MHz frequency.

In the process of sniffing around my phone’s settings, I accidentally screwed something up so that my phone only had 2G access. This blog post is to share the optimal settings for the Nexus One on Optus.

After referring to the really helpful Nexus One Help Forum post I went into the testing menu, and basically screwed something up.

  1. In the phone dial pad… *#*#4636#*#* (This is the testing menu)
  2. Select Phone information (first) option

There are two settings you need to have to work well with Optus:

  1. Towards the bottom under “Set preferred network type:” to “WCDMA Preferred“.
  2. Hit the Menu key > Select radio band > Select AUS as the network > Select OK.

I think I must have selected AUS2 out of curiousity, and in the process screwed up the 3G access on Optus.

Changing back to AUS and fixing WCDMA Preferred, and I got back my 3G.

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