Another reason Apple is the Evil Fruit

While I’m sure the details will wash through over time, this story about Apple suing phone manufacturer HTC for Patent infringement really, really stinks.

Compared to HTC, Apple is the new kid in the block.

HTC has been manufacturing smartphones for longer than almost anybody. They were one of the key original manufacturers of Windows Mobile phones, all the way back to the WindowsCE days (I think), and I’ve used their products as my primary phone (running Windows) since around 2003. I switched to one of their Android devices in late 2009, and have been really happy with it.

But now I read that Apple are trying to get HTC banned from importing their product (HTC is a Taiwanese company, whereas Apple is American but gets all their products made off-shore), because HTC are infringing Apple’s patents.

While the details are still a bit murky, it really sinks to high hell that Apple, who Nokia alleges are ripping off a bunch of their mobile phone related patents, are going after HTC like this. I really hope that HTC have their own patent portfolio, or can join with Microsoft (who have been designing smartphone’s with for over a decade) to sue the crap out of Apple – who are showing more and more every day that they’re truly the evil fruit.

Update: via, this statement from HTC:

“HTC is a mobile technology innovator and patent holder that has been very focused over the past 13 years on creating many of the most innovative smartphones. HTC values patent rights and their enforcement but is also committed to defending its own technology innovations. HTC only learned of Apple’s actions this morning via media reports, and therefore we have not yet had the opportunity to investigate the filings. Until we have had this opportunity, we are unable to comment on the validity of the claims being made against HTC.â”

I’d really love to see Apple get a bloody nose in all of this.

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