#leanstartup Sydney Launches

Tonight I was lucky enough to meet Eric Ries, the founder/leader of the Lean Startup movement.

Eric came to Sydney after being coaxed to this side of the Pacific by our ever resourceful and impressive friends, the Kiwi’s, for Webstock, and Mick Liubinskas and Michelle Williams did a cracking job in putting together an event at very short notice at Bar 333.

Mick managed to get a recording of (most – he missed Eric’s attempt at g’day at the start) of the presentation on his Flip – hopefully he’ll be able to get it up online soon. While the content itself wasn’t exceptionally different to the stuff we’ve come to love about the #leanstartup concepts, the passionate delivery by a man with a fading voice who’s been speaking for 10 straight days in a place he wasn’t sure gravity would apply to was awesome.

Also took the opportunity to bring Hugh along for the trip, and I’m looking forward to implementing the lean principles more diligently than ever. And the six circles and the feedback loop was something I’ve either missed before, or never appreciated as fully as I should have – it is the core of the Lean Startup (will try and find that slide/image and insert it when I’m not on the train).

If you want to be in the loop for the next meetup on April 13th (I think), join the Lean Startup Circle Sydney.

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